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Find great keywords

Struggling to get enough search volume from rankings? Why not focus just on sets of keywords, which offer most opportunity for the effort required.

We find them by quantitatively analyzing many factors, including:

  • Content Optimization Strength
  • Share of top niche domains in total search volume, rankings
  • Average domain age of websites
  • Average content length (number of words) of pages
  • Average content depth (uniqueness) of pages

Find keywords where ranked pages have low content optimization, thin content, are weakly dominated or discovered by top niche domains, have low content depth, young domain age, etc.

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Know your niche and competitors

While traditional approach to SEO analysis focuses on single domain, we believe that best results can be achieved only by tracking and knowing your niche as a whole.

  • Research and track all competitors
  • Compare niches
  • Get suggestions for new content
  • Know which new keywords to add for improved search performance
  • See where your optimization is sub-par compared to others

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles". Sun Tzu

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Save time with automated optimization suggestions

One of easiest methods to increase traffic is to adapt on-page optimization of pages to keywords for which they are ranking.

You can choose any subpage of your domains and UnicornSEO will:

  • determine keywords for which the subpage ranks on first two pages of search results
  • for each keyword, it will check the most frequently occuring words in titles and other elements on top ranked pages
  • then automatically check for the presence of these words in respective elements for the selected subpage
  • leading to explicit suggestions for improvements which are exportable

Tune your pages to keywords and improve your search performance

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Optimize your website for Voice Search

According to comScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. How to optimize your website for voice search?

As the voice queries are predominantly questions, you should add content which is of conversational nature - answers to questions. You should keep your answers relatively brief (up to 50 characters) as this length is typical for voice search results.

For your website we provide you with a large number of questions typically asked in relation to the field of your website so you can start optimizing for voice search right away.

Voice search will attain 50% share of searches in 2020. Start preparing for that transition today.

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Find great niches

Are you looking for your next site to build but do not know which niche to choose? Find your next niche idea based on research of 100,000s of keywords for hundreds of niches, available on our platform.

We provide you with wealth of information about each niche so you can easily compare them. Here are some of the metrics we look at:

  • average on-page optimizations strength of ranked niche pages
  • share of top niche domains in total search volume, rankings
  • average domain age of ranked pages
  • average content length (number of words) of ranked pages
  • average content depth (uniqueness) of pages

Find niches which are relatively younger, have weak on-page optimization, thinner content, are weakly dominated or discovered by top niche domains, have low content depth, etc.

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Advanced Tools for Your Success

Our tools help you write better content and improve your search rankings.

  • Keyword Ranker        
  • Rank Tracker        
  • Entity Sentiment Analytics        
  • Niche Explorer       
  • Ranking Factors Research         
  • Content Optimization
  •   Semantic similarity
  •  Content Insights
  •  Sentiment Tracking
  •  AI Content Generator

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Generate unique content with artificial intelligence

As recently shown by GPT-2 of OpenAI, current state of the art AI models can already generate content of impressive quality, even surpassing humans.

For more information please read our blog post: Will AI systems like OpenAI GPT-2 lead to dramatic changes for content generation and SEO?.

We expect for AI content generators to dramatically decrease costs of content generation, while delivering texts on par or better than humans. UnicornSEO AI content generator in action:

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