We have analysed 896,502 rankings for keywords of 200+ niches with results including 130,342 ranked distinct domains.

We were interested in knowing how the properties of websites change with rankings.

Do top ranked pages have relatively short titles and what is the "optimal" length of the title?

Do top ranked pages have more content length and what is the "optimal" contetn length (in number of words)? You can see answers to this and other questions by clicking on corresponding buttons below.

If you subscribe to one of our plans, you can see the charts for individual niches or your custom niche.

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URL Length
Title Length
Sentiment Polarity of Website Texts
Content Length
Domain Age
Domain Registration Length
Sentiment Polarity of Website Titles
Title-Keyword Semantic Match (word embeddings)
Title-Keyword Semantic Match (sentence embeddings)
Content Diversity