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Data science approach for finding keywords of great value

Do you struggle to get enough search volume from rankings? Why not focus your efforts just on selection of quantitatively determined keywords, which offer above average opportunity for the effort required.

We calculate a lot of metrics for each keyword of niches, including:

  • Content Optimization Strength - average % of keywords presence in ranked pages titles, descriptions, h1 and h2 elements
  • Share of top 20 domains of the niche in total search volume, number of ranking positions, etc. for given keyword
  • Average domain age of websites ranked for given keyword
  • Average content length (number of words) of pages ranked for given keyword
  • Average content depth (uniqueness) of pages ranked for given keyword

We then calculate a combined metric from individual metrics to give you those high opportunity keywords - for which ranked pages have low content optimization, thin content, are weakly dominated or discovered by top niche domains, have low content depth, young domain age, etc.


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